We’re alive – Next goal: second cut

We are back from an extended holiday break – as we’re all volunteers on WMS we needed the holidays to catch up on the work that pays our bills and take a breather. Sorry for going silent – it’s the great sin of kickstarter projects (“are they even still alive? did they take our money and move to the Bahamas?”) and I’ll do my best not to let it happen again. Apologies.

As a recap, we finished up last year with four more location shoots, bringing our total up to ~12 total locations filmed so far:

  • Dance party on the step sculptures of Broadway / Cap Hill
  • 15th ave / Cap Hill b-roll
  • Pioneer Square design festival
  • Neighborhood b-roll footage (Fremont, Ballard, Cap Hill)
  • South Lake Union b-roll

As I write this I’m working on copying and converting the 100s of gigabytes of footage, getting organized to edit for our second rough cut of the film.

We also worked on a revision to the narration script in January, tightening how the different voices fit together and getting the overall length down to under 4 minutes.

The  focus now is on editing together a second rough cut of the film. Once that’s done we’ll have a clear idea of what remaining footage we’ll need and how to finish up the project.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or thoughts or want me to bribe you out of noticing this project has gone on for a long time with several beers.

Cheers, thanks for your support and trust,

-Scott & WMS Team

Updated 12/17 Happy Hour Info

We’re changing things up for next week. We’ll be hanging out with the fine folks from UXHH.

They’re hosting an event on the same night, so we’re partnering up to hold a double happy hour. Double happy hour means double the fun, so don’t miss out.

New venue: The Fairmont Olympic Hotel (411 University St, Seattle, Washington 98101)

Same time: 6-8pm

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/535583459915011/


– The We Make Seattle Team

Scouting: Whitepages

We were in Downtown Seattle yesterday visiting the Whitepages office.P1020256

P1020255Their lobby has their logo and a wall of all of their employees in the Seattle office along with a computer to IM whoever you’re visiting.




Bike storage FTW.


Treadmill desk if you want to workout while working.


P1020247 P1020248

Collaboration / relaxation spaces equipped with scooters.


We were told these are the most comfortable bean bags and not to sit in them because we won’t want to get up.


Tiger mask, hat, something? The little purple guy is used to identify one of Whitepages’ teams.P1020250A big yellow hat is available to wear if you want to act like a cowboy.



All their desks are convertible to stand-up desks, which is cool.P1020251

Isolation pads. We were told sitting in them blocks out most of the sound from the rest of office.P1020254A robot for remote workers to control and participate in meetings. Or used to creep out and torment co-workers by having it follow them around all day.

Thank you for showing us around your office Whitepages!


– Adam




Happy Hour 12/17

We appreciate all the support and feedback we’re receiving about indoor filming locations. Please keep suggestions coming.

We’re hosting a final 2014 happy hour before the holidays. Come hangout, talk about 2014, what you’re planning to create in 2015 or whatever is on your mind.

Where: Yard House – 1501 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 (website)

When: Wednesday December 17th, 6-8pm.

Please RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/we-make-seattle-happy-hour-1217-tickets-14863265427


– Adam

Scouting: Intentional Futures

We stopped by to visit the fine folks at Intentional Futures as potential office location for the film.


They’ve got lots of wide open work spaces, were super welcoming, and suggested we could re-arrange their space for a shoot (which might be necessary to get the aesthetic we’re going for).



They had lots of modified walls for brainstorming.


They also had a conference room hidden behind a massive metal door.


Plus, a bean bag toss area.



Oh, and we can’t forgot the tele-conference robot that the person on the other end controls, which was right next to their massive touchscreen computer (no we didn’t steal their log-in credentials).

Thanks for hosting us Intentional Futures!


– Adam

Scouting: Westward

We had the privilege of visiting Westward as a potential restaurant to be featured in our film.



They weren’t open while we were there, but there was plenty to explore.


Their bar is amazing.



Lots of fun little aspects to the place.





Thanks for the hospitality Westward!


– Adam

Happy Hour 12/3 – Postponed to 12/17

We’re postponing tonight’s event until 12/17 due to travel and illness among team members. Many apologies for the late notice.


– Adam

Scouting: Jackson Fish Market

We visited the fine folks at Jackson Fish Market this morning to scout their work space as a possible site for the film.

P1020195They’re located in the historic Inscape Arts and Cultural Center, which formerly housed the immigration services offices.



The building’s interior is very sterile, but stepping into the elevator I could tell there were creatives about.


Lots of cool possibilities in their office, from The Computer Museum to their lego room along with the friendly folks who work there.



Thanks for the hospitality Jackson Fish Market!

Stay tuned for other posts about our scouting trips.


– Adam



Happy Hour 11/13

Come hang out with the We Make Seattle crew at Rob Roy in Belltown.

Let’s discuss making things, the film, or whatever’s on your mind.

Where: Rob Roy – 2332 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121 (website).

When: Thursday Nov 13th, 6pm-8pm (note happy hour ends at 7pm).

Their happy hour starts at 4pm if you want to get a head start on us. :)

Please RSVP:



– Adam

Happy Hour 10/23

We’d like to hang out with our backers, friends, and supporters more often. So, we’re hosting happy hours to that end. The first one will be Thursday October 23rd.

Come share your ideas for the film. Ask questions. Tell us about what you’re making. Enjoy a beer, cider or cocktail (or two).


Where: Some Random Bar, 2604 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (website)

When: Thursday Oct 23rd, 6pm (until you want to leave)
Please RSVP at this link:


Hope to see you there. Cheers,

– Adam