Happy Hour 10/23

We’d like to hang out with our backers, friends, and supporters more often. So, we’re hosting happy hours to that end. The first one will be Thursday October 23rd.

Come share your ideas for the film. Ask questions. Tell us about what you’re making. Enjoy a beer, cider or cocktail (or two).


Where: Some Random Bar, 2604 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 (website)

When: Thursday Oct 23rd, 6pm (until you want to leave)
Please RSVP at this link:


Hope to see you there. Cheers,

– Adam

Sidewalk dancing, We Make Seattle style

We had a good shoot last night on Broadway. I can’t believe more of you didn’t come. Doesn’t this look like fun? It was! A few random people walking by even jumped in and showed off their moves. I love this city.

Thanks to Danny at Spin Cycle, the music/game store we filmed in front of, for helping out and and even playing music for us to dance to outside.



For those of you who don’t know this is an iconic Seattle sculpture, made 30 years ago by Jack Mackie. There are 9 installations along Broadway each with a different dance step.

Filming this Thursday : Extras needed!

We’re filming this Thursday on Cap Hill and need some extras. This is your chance to be in the film.

This shoot is to capture the sidewalk dance sculptures on Broadway. They’re legendary symbols of creativity in Seattle and we finally got official permission to film them.


What we need are folks willing to have some fun, trying to figure out how to do the steps on camera. It’s easy, no dance skills are required (though if you have some that’s cool too), just a fun attitude.

We’ll be shooting at 5:45pm this Thursday. Can you help? Leave a comment or drop me a line.


Filming update: 520 bridge and end of summer

Bridge filming: Last week Dan and I got up at 6:30am to get some magic hour footage of the 520 bridge construction. The idea for this particular shot was to capture being on a bridge which watching a bridge grow, which is an unusual site to see in any city. And as bridges are mega-scale making efforts, it seemed a worthwhile shot to go after.

Dan set up a mounted rig on my Civic, with a display monitor viewable on the dash. It only took a few minutes to set up, and then…. I got to rack up my GoodToGo Pass charges, with 10 consecutive trips across the bridge :)

The light didn’t co-operate – we only only had a few good moments of light. But I’ll pick up the footage from Dan tonight and see what we have. If it’s worthwhile we may give it another go.

Summer is ending: This weekend I’ll have all of the footage from the first 4 locations we’ve filmed (Folklife, Substantial HQ, Sculpture park) and I’ll be working on a rough cut, based on the audio narration track we finished weeks ago. Most of the locations we’ve filmed so far are outdoors and that’s been on purpose. After I have a rough cut I’ll know if we need to try to get anything else before the grey takes over again.

It’s a good time to organize a happy hour for you backers. If you’d like to meet up for a beer and chat about the project, send me a message and you can help pick when it will be.

Cheers and thanks for your support.

IMG_1143 IMG_1142

Recap from last night’s filming at Substantial

Last night we filmed at UXHH, a happy hour for designers, hosted at Substantial’s beautiful office on Capitol Hill.  It was a fun, chaotic, shoot, but it was all part of the plan. The hope was that filming during a happy hour of designers would make it easy to find people willing to draw and design things at the whiteboard and I was right. Give in to a little chaos, you get a different kind of energy on film in return.

The fancy Minority Report looking screen is a Bluescape, and we filmed Donte Parks, a friend and one of the founders of Substantial, demoing it on film.

This was our first interior shoot, and the first footage of people actually making things (as the film is titled, We Make Seattle, such footage shouldn’t be a surprise). We also got some footage of the hardcourt bike polo game being played at Cal Anderson park (a variant of sport invented here in Seattle).



IMG_1034 IMG_1036 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040


Next shoot Tuesday: Substantial HQ

Things continue to roll along here at WMS HQ. Our next shoot is on Tuesday, filming at Substantial on Capitol Hill. They’ll be hosting a designer happy hour (UXHH), providing us with a beautiful office filled with creative folks. We’re also hoping to get some b-roll footage of bike polo, which is played right outside on Tuesday nights.

This interior location is the first from our location list, a target of opportunity given the event they’re hosting. The folks at Bootstrapper studios are also working on getting some of the b-roll footage we need while the weather is still glorious here in the northwest.

If you submitted a video as part of our recent contest, do not fret. I haven’t had time yet to review them all, but I promise a follow-up post soon.

Filming Continues

As you might have noticed we’ve already completed shoots at Seattle’s Folklife Festival and Myrtle Edwards & Sculpture Park.

We’re currently working on the logistics of shooting the Fremont bridge along with the Port of Seattle. Sorting out the feasibility of these shoots, permits, and time frames for getting the shots we want.

Scott is also working on a master b-roll list (you can read about filming locations and b-roll here) for the film. This list will be very specific scenes we want to use to help tell the story of our city. They’ll be different from our 2 completed shoots in that they’ll be very short shoots that we go out and grab when we have an extra 30 minutes in our schedules. So if you see us with a camera in your neck of the woods come over and say “hi”.

Location Contest:

Thank you for all your submissions. We’re taking them all into consideration as we line-up the last few primary shoot locations. Stay tuned for the locations we select.

– Adam


Contest: Get Your Office In The Film

(If you’re new to this project – here’s the background on the film)

Weeks ago we put out a call for locations and many of you filled our inbox with suggestions. Thanks!

Many of you also said “Film us!” which was sweet and charming. Since you folks made the film possible we’ve come up with a way to make your request possible – at least for one of you.

The WE MAKE SEATTLE location contest

We’re inviting you to take your cellphone camera out and film where you work and the cool people in it. Tell us a brief story of where you work, and share on camera how fun and awesome you are.

Answer the question: Why should your workplace represent creativity in Seattle to the world? Show us.

Rules and instructions:

  • Get a camera (your phone will do)
  • Make a 60-120 second video showing us why where you work should be in the film
  • Show us how fun and creative your coworkers are
  • Show us cool interiors, funky workplace setups or unusual but inspiring places of work
  • Post the video on YouTube and send us a link
  • We’ll review all the submissions and the winner will be an (interior) location that we’ll film for use in the We Make Seattle project

There are no other restrictions: any kind of work or workplace qualifies, including home offices, building rooftops, coworking spaces or wherever you do your thing.

Submissions will be judged on two criteria: location + fun/creativity of people shown.

Deadline is Friday July 25th 5pm. Have Fun. Any questions? Leave a comment.

Extras wanted for tomorrow: Myrtle Edwards Park

Dan and I will be shooting at the Sculpture garden and Myrtle Edwards Park tomorrow (map). At noon/lunchtime we can use a few extras – want to be in the film? Here’s your first chance.

You can bring a lunch and hang out on what should be a gorgeous day – now and then we may ask you to do certain extra like things (like walk on the trail, or sit in certain places). Please feel free to bring your friends or coworkers.

Leave a comment or contact me by email so we can work out details. Cheers.


Scouting report: Myrtle Edwards & Sculpture Park

Last week Dan I met to scout at Myrtle Edwards Park and the SAM Sculpture garden. We spent about an hour walking through, talking about the ideas I had for what to capture and why. There’s a great combination of landscapes and objects that most people won’t even realize were filmed just a few yards from each other.

I’m working on a plan now for when we’re going to shoot here and this will most likely be the next location we film. Offices and interior places will come later as I’m trying to prioritize outdoor shoots first while the weather is co-operating with us.  More details soon – we may have need of some extras for this one.

IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0411 IMG_0397 IMG_0399 IMG_0402