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Scouting report: Myrtle Edwards & Sculpture Park

June 30, 2014

Last week Dan I met to scout at Myrtle Edwards Park and the SAM Sculpture garden. We spent about an hour walking through, talking about the ideas I had for what to capture and why. There’s a great combination of landscapes and objects that most people won’t even realize were filmed just a few yards from each other.

I’m working on a plan now for when we’re going to shoot here and this will most likely be the next location we film. Offices and interior places will come later as I’m trying to prioritize outdoor shoots first while the weather is co-operating with us.  More details soon – we may have need of some extras for this one.

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36 Reasons Seattle Wins At Life

February 4, 2014

Interesting how many of these fall into our non-goals for the film. Lots of cliches and common references (Space Needle, Fremont Troll) show up in here.

I’d like to put together a similar list, but comprised of places, elements and aspects that aren’t commonly talked about. The real Seattle that locals love, not what earns attention from the tourist.

Portland Ad during Superbowl?

February 3, 2014

Did any of you catch the “Portland Happening Now” ad during the Superbowl?

It’s part of a series of advertisements. The spot I saw was 30 seconds, but here’s a 60 second version.

Films about other cities

July 30, 2013

As a reference for the We Make Seattle project, here’s a list we’re compiling of videos other cities have made about their tech and creative cultures.  Some of these projects are government sponsored, others corporate and a few are grass roots and community led.


NYC – Why we are made in NYC

NYC – Made in NY (channel)

Brooklyn Tech triangle

Portland Tech City

Built in LA


NYC – American Express / DeNiro / Scorsese

Visit Seattle


City University of Seattle – Advertisement

Las Vegas – Downtown Project

If you know of others, leave a comment.

Seattle: How do we rank against other cities?

July 25, 2013

It’s easy to overlook how well Seattle does in national and international rankings for the best cities. Here’s a list we’re compiling:

Do you know of any good ones we missed? Leave a comment.