Introducing We Make Seattle

We’re creating a short film to show the world how great Seattle is for creatives and entrepreneurs who have big ideas and the passion to invest in them.

Outside of the Pacific Northwest, little is known about what makes Seattle a great city for creatives. Despite recently being rated the #1 tech city in America by The Atlantic, most of America knows little about why they should bring their ideas and businesses here. Our goal is to lead a community driven PR campaign, centered on a short film, to raise our profile to where it belongs among America’s great cities for people with big ideas.

The film will be something local creatives and entrepreneurs can use to recruit talent, co-founders and resources. Larger companies can use it to help convince recruiting candidates to move to the Northwest. And for those who simply love living in the Emerald City, it will be a fun and entertaining way to convince smart friends and ambitious creatives from around the world to bring their passions here.

Our kickstarter campaign raised $30k and is set to launch spring of 2016.

For now please follow us by email, Facebook and Twitter and spread the word. Thanks.

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