Notes from the backer / crew meeting

About 20 backers met with us on Saturday at The HUB  to let us thank them for their support and to talk about the film.  Silver sponsor Nick Finck even joined by Skype and Alex Algard, CEO  emailed in a thoughtful list of ideas and suggestions.

It was an informal Q&A and the only formalized discussion was a review of the vision I wrote last week, with a request to all backers to help me develop three candidate lists:

  • people with a worth story to tell in line with the vision
  • maker/creative work locations that are cinematic
  • B-roll candidates of non-cliche Seattle in line with the vision

One fascinating observation was how many of the backers moved to Seattle: nearly everyone in the room had a story of why they chose to come here and their personal reasons for being happy with the choice. It was inspiring on its own to hear so many similar but different stories.




The production team meets every Tuesday and we’ll be meeting this week to discuss our candidate lists and move another step closer towards production.

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