Progress update & Behind the scenes

We’re half half way through our kickstarter campaign and wanted to update you on what we here at WMS headquarters have been up to. We’ll post more regular updates if you want them! Just leave a comment.

As a team we’ve been meeting weekly, with two different projects.


  • We launched the campaign Tues July 28th, emailing and calling all of our friends and family (Hi friends and family) to ask them to join and spread the word.
  • The fine folks at Geekwire wrote about us, and soon Time magazine followed suit.
  • We’ve been in full PR mode reaching out to everyone who know who loves our city and wants to help see it shine.
  • We’re currently at 65% with 12 days to go.
  • If we don’t make our goal, the film won’t happen, so most of our effort these last weeks have been focused on the kickstarter campaign.

The film: 

  • Berkun wrote a treatment for the film months ago, which served as a basic concept for the actual film.
  • Once Dan McComb joined the project, we’ve reviewed the treatment and have had several brainstorm discussions about scope, direction, style and more.
  • The basic constraint is time: since the goal is wide viewership, 3:30 is the goal, with possible shorter and longer edits of the film if we need them for specific purposes.
  • Berkun is leading the creative effort for the film itself, and is working on a revised treatment. He promises to open the creative process to backers and other people interested in getting involved.

That’s all for now.  If you have any questions or suggestions, for our Kickstarter campaign or the film itself, please leave them in the comments.


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