Audio interviews and schwag production

Greetings from the ‘We Make Seattle’ pre-production zone. We’ve been busy at work and have two updates for you.

Casting audio interviews

Scott Berkun's audio interview kit for We Make Seattle (med)

Since our last update, we’ve equipped Scott, our fearless writer/director, with his portable audio interview kit (see photo) and he’s been coordinating interview schedules with 10 candidates we’re considering for the film. From these initial interviews, the plan is to pick three specific people whose stories capture what is so special about Seattle as a great city for entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers.

We call this the ‘glamorous’ part of pre-production – which comes entirely down to coordinating schedules with a lot of interesting busy people via email and phone.

Adding to the scheduling tetris, Scott just released his latest book, The Year without Pants, and is currently on the east coast promoting it until early next week (see his schedule here if you’d like to catch him).

While it would be awesome to be able to move faster, we’re also seasoned enough to know that making great things takes time. Scheduling like this is a natural part of coordinating We Make Seattle among the other projects that pay the rent / feed the kids.

Schwag production

In parallel, we’ve been working on producing the schwag rewards and have updated photos of posters, coasters, and stickers.

Sara and team at Constellation & Co have been hard at work handcrafting our letterpress coasters and posters (see photos), which should be done by the end of the month.

Poster production by Constellation & Co. (cropped)

Coaster production by Constellation & Co.

We also have die cut stickers in hand that we got from the fine folks at Sticker Mule (see image).

We Make Seattle sticker on laptop

Shirts are at the printers’ studio and are scheduled to be complete early next week (after our initial, highly recommended shirt printer went incommunicado – hey, it happens).

Once all the reward items are done, we’ll schedule a schwag party so we can get everything mailed out fast.

Stayed tuned for more updates soon.

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