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Best resources for new Seattleites? Help Wanted

February 24, 2016

With the film’s launch date set for Thursday March 24th (watch the teaser video), my focus is shifting to PR and redesigning the website for launch. We’re working with the wonderful folks at Design Commission to build something new and beautiful for us.

Help wanted: the film will close by inviting people to visit our new website, where we’ll provide basic answers to the 6 most common questions. For each section, what is the first link or resource you’d recommend? We’re not going to be comprehensive – we’re just going to get people headed in the right direction to sites that are.

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion. Thanks.
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Launch Plan For We Make Seattle

January 26, 2016

It has been a productive winter for us.  We’re in the final stages of production and are ready to start talking about launch plans for the film.  You’ve been waiting a long time and we’re thrilled to be ever so close to delivering We Make Seattle to you.

The Launch Event: March 24th 2016 (Save The Date)

Our tentative launch day and party for the film will be Thursday March 24th. This will be the world premier of We Make Seattle, shown at a party held that night. If your backer level included a ticket you’re already on the guest list (We may be able to release more tickets to the general public).

For Gold and Silver sponsors, we will provide resources to you for how to take advantage of We Make Seattle in your own marketing and PR.

For all backers we’ll be providing a “spread the word” guide, that you can use to tell the world about how you made this film possible.

That’s all for now. Thanks for hanging in there. More soon.

Extras wanted for tomorrow: Myrtle Edwards Park

July 15, 2014

Dan and I will be shooting at the Sculpture garden and Myrtle Edwards Park tomorrow (map). At noon/lunchtime we can use a few extras – want to be in the film? Here’s your first chance.

You can bring a lunch and hang out on what should be a gorgeous day – now and then we may ask you to do certain extra like things (like walk on the trail, or sit in certain places). Please feel free to bring your friends or coworkers.

Leave a comment or contact me by email so we can work out details. Cheers.

Audio interviews and schwag production

October 24, 2013

Greetings from the ‘We Make Seattle’ pre-production zone. We’ve been busy at work and have two updates for you.

Casting audio interviews

Scott Berkun's audio interview kit for We Make Seattle (med)

Since our last update, we’ve equipped Scott, our fearless writer/director, with his portable audio interview kit (see photo) and he’s been coordinating interview schedules with 10 candidates we’re considering for the film. From these initial interviews, the plan is to pick three specific people whose stories capture what is so special about Seattle as a great city for entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers.

We call this the ‘glamorous’ part of pre-production – which comes entirely down to coordinating schedules with a lot of interesting busy people via email and phone.

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Cast and pre-production updates

October 4, 2013

Since the backer meeting a few weeks ago we’ve been meeting regularly and working to cull down our list of over 60 possible candidates as subjects to the film to a workable number. I (Berkun) have been leading the process and have finally made some headway. I have about 10 candidates and will be reaching out to some of them over the next few days.

As the vision describes, we’re looking primarily for voices that can tell first person stories of why Seattle is a great place for creatives. In terms of production, the first material we’re after is audio.

I’ll be recording interviews with some of the candidates from the list and weaving together a very rough audio track for the film. We’ll discuss this in our production meeting and only then plan for what visuals will match the story we’re telling. This process makes tremendous sense, but it does mean a slower process for putting the film together.

I’ll keep you posted as these interviews roll along.

Thanks Tableau Software: Gold Sponsor

September 3, 2013

We’re excited to announce Tableau Software has signed up to be our first Gold Sponsor, contributing $5000 to the We Make Seattle Project.

Thanks for helping support us and the city of Seattle  – you’re awesome.

Wait! Isn’t the Kickstarter campaign was over?

Yes, but we are still accepting Grassroots, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Sponsors. If you are interested, please contact us:


We’re FUNDED: Thank you

August 26, 2013

Minutes ago the clock expired on the fundraising campaign for We Make Seattle.

Thanks to all 261 backers who have supported the making of this film, and to everyone who tweeted, facebooked, blogged and emailed to help spread word about what we’re doing.

Extra big thanks to our awesome silver sponsors, who anchored our fundraising efforts:

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We’re in the Seattle Times Today (photo)

August 25, 2013

The Sunday edition of the Seattle Times has an article about us:

New York, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and even Portland have powerful videos local companies can use to draw talented people into their culture. Why doesn’t Seattle? “We asked that question, and we couldn’t find a good answer,” Berkun said.

Most of those city videos had one or two civic or corporate funders, but Seattle’s creative community has a well-known collaborative streak. Berkun and Zug were pretty sure a crowd of locals could own this.

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Coming soon: project kickoff meeting for backers

August 24, 2013

Hi backers and lurkers!

Now that we’re funded we’re planning an informal meet and greet between all of you backers and us, the folks making the film. I’ll give you a creative brief on the film, we’ll answer your questions, and draft a list for potential volunteers, as some of you have told us you have skills you’d be willing to donate to the cause.

We’re working on when and where but it should happen in the next week or two.

If you haven’t backed us yet, perhaps this will help sell you. Put in even a few bucks and you’ll be invited to join in and have a voice in the project.

New stretch goal: $35k (2 great new backer levels)

August 22, 2013

With three days left we’ve set a stretch goal of the project: we hope to reach $35k using the extra funds primarily for promotion and PR for the final film. Advertising isn’t cheap and to reach out beyond our own networks will take dedicated effort.

To help towards the stretch goal we’ve added two new backer levels:

1. WMS Set visit + w/ Schwag ($650) –  You’ll get to tag along and watch us work, either on location shooting part of the film, or sitting in to watch one of our fascinating production meetings (Zug has been known to throw chairs). This is exclusive access to the core of the project and to get to see first hand how the film is being made.

2. Join the Distribution Team – ($250) – By joining this reward level you are specifically committing resources to magnify our terrific word of mouth with strategic distribution and promotion.  You will also receive 1 ticket to our launch party in Seattle and one set of schwag (1 sticker, 1 coaster set, 1 poster, and 1 t-shirt).

And we still have other backer levels available if you want to join in: head to our kickstarter page for more info.