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We’re funded! (and more is welcome)

August 21, 2013

First, a huge thank you to all 200+ of our backers. Each of is a part of this project and we are honored to have your support in making this project happen at all.

A special thanks to our awesome silver sponsors, who have shown great civic pride by anchoring our fundraising efforts with the largest contributions:

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Home stretch update: Dan McComb

August 21, 2013

We need your help in this final stretch. If we don’t make our goal in the next 4 days we get bupkis – zilch – zero.

Video update from Dan with the details is below.

We know you believe in this project as much as we do and can help get us there.

So pull in a friend to pledge – or consider doubling down on yours.

We are so close. Thanks for all of the support.

Much love for you and this city,

– Bryan, Scott, Dan, and Adam

Thanks Zillow: Silver Sponsor

August 21, 2013

We’re excited to announce Zillow has signed up to be our sixth Silver Sponsor, contributing $2500 to the We Make Seattle Project.

Thanks for helping support us and the city of Seattle  – you’re awesome.

Will you be next? We hope so. Maybe you can get your team to pitch in for a $150 schwag bundle? Or perhaps you’re a leader in your organization and can have your company sponsor? We’d be grateful.

Oh, and there are only 4 days left to support this project, so now is the time.

New Sponsor Level: Grassroots ($1000)

August 20, 2013

As we make our final push we’ve heard feedback that startups and organizations want to support what we’re doing, but that they needed something in the gap between our backer levels.

Ask and ye shall receive!

We’re happy to announce a $1k Grassroots Sponsorship, which includes visibility in the credit roll for the film itself, an honor reserved only for our largest project backers.

Please check in with your bosses and coworkers, perhaps while holding doughnuts or casting pocketbook opening spells, and tell them this is their best last chance to get their organization on board.

If you think about it, $1000 is really just:

  • $33 a day for a month, less than most project teams spend on lunch
  • Or $1.35 an hour
  • Or 2 cents a minute

But don’t think too much – go here and help us tell Seattle’s story.

Thanks Filter: Silver Sponsor

August 19, 2013

We’re excited to announce  Filter has signed up to be our fifth Silver Sponsor, contributing $2500 to the We Make Seattle Project.

Thanks for helping support us and the city of Seattle  – you’re awesome.

Will you be next? I hope so. Maybe you can get your team to pitch in together? Or perhaps you’re a leader in your organization and can have your company sponsor? We’d be grateful.

Top Ten Reasons to back We Make Seattle

August 16, 2013

If our little film is fully backed, and successful, the benefits are clear. By doing a better job of telling our story about the city we love, many of the things we love about the Seattle area are likely to only get better:

  1. Encourage locals to dream and make big bets locally
  2. Inspire entrepreneurs with big ideas to start their companies here
  3. Get quality ammunition to throw at annoying friends who live elsewhere who say we live in Rain City or CoffeeTown (you’ll get to say “Seattle is amazing, here, watch this video”)
  4. Increase the talent pool to hire from (if you’re hiring)
  5. Creation of more jobs to choose form (if you’re looking)
  6. Attract more interesting shops and restaurants
  7. See your property values rise (if you own any)
  8. See more housing options in your neighborhood (if you need some)
  9. Get karma points for giving back to the city you love
  10. Make unicorns and butterflies dance around your street (ok, we can’t do that one)
  11. Join a community of 161 177 amazing locals who have already supported the project.

Don’t wait – Get behind us now at our kickstarter page.


Kickstarter update: 60% ($17k) funded

August 9, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word about our kickstarter campaign. And a big thank you to everyone who has pledged. We would not be at 60% of our goal if it wasn’t for you.

We are honestly surprised that we have reached 60% of our goal without a sponsor at the Gold or Platinum levels. If you work for a Seattle corporation or organization please consider pledging at these levels. 5 Reasons why your company should do so.

We still have 16 days to go, which is both good and bad. It is good because we still have that many days to reach our funding goal. It is bad because this is typically when campaigns start to drag and lose momentum and attention.

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Seattle, this project is for you

August 8, 2013

Hi Seattle,

We love you. Really, we do. Each of us lives and works in different parts of the Seattle area, from Fremont, to Capital Hill, to Redmond and beyond. This project is a labor of love for us, and we want to use our talents to give something back. We believe Seattle is a great place for makers and creators of all types, whether they make music, games, companies, software, films or skyscrapers. And all of these and so much more happens here in Seattle.

We want to share our city’s story with the rest of the world. Will you help us do that?

Please support our kickstarter campaign and share it with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Thanks Seattle, you’re awesome!

– Bryan, Scott, Dan and Adam

PS Check out what GeekWire, Time magazine, and the Huffington Post have to say about our project.

Thanks Brad Feld: Silver Sponsor

August 8, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce that Brad Feld has signed up to be our fourth Silver Sponsor, contributing $2500 to the We Make Seattle Project.

Thanks Brad for helping support us and the city of Seattle  – you’re awesome.

Who will be next? I hope it’s you. Maybe get your team to go in together? Or you might be a leader who can have the company sponsor? We’d be grateful.

5 reasons Your Company Should Sponsor We Make Seattle

August 7, 2013

Hi Seattle. We’re off to a great start, passing 50% of our funding goal for the project, with 18 days to go. Thanks to everyone who has backed the project and helped spread the word. We are grateful to have made it this far.

But as with most big projects, the first 50% is easy, it’s getting all the way that’s hard. We need backers, including silver, gold and platinum sponsors to ensure we make our goals.

Here are five reasons your organization should get involved: 

  1. Rare opportunity for your organization to be a visible community leader. This is a unique chance to have your organization listed as a primary contributor to something that represents the entire Seattle area.  This is likely the first and only time a film like this will be made.
  2. Attract local talent. We have the attention of the local creative and tech community. Lending your name to the effort will increase your visibility among Seattle’s best and brightest talent.
  3. Gain access to a recruiting resource. As a sponsor you’ll be able to share it with your staff, network and potential recruits with your name as a sponsor. While your use of the film won’t be exclusive, you can gain the exclusive privilege of your logo in the credits for the film itself.
  4. Give something back to your city AND get something in return. It’s unusual for a community projects have such clear business  benefits. You can satisfy your standards of benevolence for your community, and at the same time help your own organization.
  5. Get in before it’s over. We only have about two weeks left in the campaign. When funding closes, it’s all done.

Convinced? Our kickstarter campaign is waiting for you to stop by.

You can read why GeekWire and Time magazine think the project is important too.