5 reasons Your Company Should Sponsor We Make Seattle

Hi Seattle. We’re off to a great start, passing 50% of our funding goal for the project, with 18 days to go. Thanks to everyone who has backed the project and helped spread the word. We are grateful to have made it this far.

But as with most big projects, the first 50% is easy, it’s getting all the way that’s hard. We need backers, including silver, gold and platinum sponsors to ensure we make our goals.

Here are five reasons your organization should get involved: 

  1. Rare opportunity for your organization to be a visible community leader. This is a unique chance to have your organization listed as a primary contributor to something that represents the entire Seattle area.  This is likely the first and only time a film like this will be made.
  2. Attract local talent. We have the attention of the local creative and tech community. Lending your name to the effort will increase your visibility among Seattle’s best and brightest talent.
  3. Gain access to a recruiting resource. As a sponsor you’ll be able to share it with your staff, network and potential recruits with your name as a sponsor. While your use of the film won’t be exclusive, you can gain the exclusive privilege of your logo in the credits for the film itself.
  4. Give something back to your city AND get something in return. It’s unusual for a community projects have such clear business  benefits. You can satisfy your standards of benevolence for your community, and at the same time help your own organization.
  5. Get in before it’s over. We only have about two weeks left in the campaign. When funding closes, it’s all done.

Convinced? Our kickstarter campaign is waiting for you to stop by.

You can read why GeekWire and Time magazine think the project is important too.

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