Top Ten Reasons to back We Make Seattle

If our little film is fully backed, and successful, the benefits are clear. By doing a better job of telling our story about the city we love, many of the things we love about the Seattle area are likely to only get better:

  1. Encourage locals to dream and make big bets locally
  2. Inspire entrepreneurs with big ideas to start their companies here
  3. Get quality ammunition to throw at annoying friends who live elsewhere who say we live in Rain City or CoffeeTown (you’ll get to say “Seattle is amazing, here, watch this video”)
  4. Increase the talent pool to hire from (if you’re hiring)
  5. Creation of more jobs to choose form (if you’re looking)
  6. Attract more interesting shops and restaurants
  7. See your property values rise (if you own any)
  8. See more housing options in your neighborhood (if you need some)
  9. Get karma points for giving back to the city you love
  10. Make unicorns and butterflies dance around your street (ok, we can’t do that one)
  11. Join a community of 161 177 amazing locals who have already supported the project.

Don’t wait – Get behind us now at our kickstarter page.


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