Early Fall Update

It’s been a slow but steady summer for us at We Make Seattle. I’m here with good news and some updates.

Project Contributor Update. We have a reshuffling of contributors to the project. Original plans were for some of the good folks at Bootstrapper Studios to take a lead role in editing and post production, but schedules changed and we made some adjustments in response. Bryan Zug (our Executive Producer) and I will work on the final edit together. Jen Zug of WhatNowExactly, project manager extraordinaire, has also stepped in to help with the final production tasks on our docket.

Composer Hired. We hired Emmy award winning composer Joshua Myers, who runs Seattle based music house Cinecue, to do the soundtrack for us. He already has put together sample tracks that we’ve given feedback on.

Final footage near complete. After our v4 of the film’s rough cut (currently length 3:35) we made a production list of additional footage we needed, including shoots in Fremont, Capital Hill and downtown. Thanks to DP Dan McComb and cameraman Maurice Morales most of this footage is in the can already. Bryan Zug and I have a major editing session scheduled for this weekend, where we’ll put together our first release candidate for the film.

We expect to finish up the project this fall. After the aforementioned editing session we’ll put together a final timeline, set a date for the launch party, and get the final stages of this project in gear.

Thanks for your (well tested) patience and support. We are getting close.

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