Scouting: Whitepages

We were in Downtown Seattle yesterday visiting the Whitepages office.P1020256

P1020255Their lobby has their logo and a wall of all of their employees in the Seattle office along with a computer to IM whoever you’re visiting.




Bike storage FTW.


Treadmill desk if you want to workout while working.


P1020247 P1020248

Collaboration / relaxation spaces equipped with scooters.


We were told these are the most comfortable bean bags and not to sit in them because we won’t want to get up.


Tiger mask, hat, something? The little purple guy is used to identify one of Whitepages’ teams.P1020250A big yellow hat is available to wear if you want to act like a cowboy.



All their desks are convertible to stand-up desks, which is cool.P1020251

Isolation pads. We were told sitting in them blocks out most of the sound from the rest of office.P1020254A robot for remote workers to control and participate in meetings. Or used to creep out and torment co-workers by having it follow them around all day.

Thank you for showing us around your office Whitepages!


– Adam




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