We’re alive – Next goal: second cut

We are back from an extended holiday break – as we’re all volunteers on WMS we needed the holidays to catch up on the work that pays our bills and take a breather. Sorry for going silent – it’s the great sin of kickstarter projects (“are they even still alive? did they take our money and move to the Bahamas?”) and I’ll do my best not to let it happen again. Apologies.

As a recap, we finished up last year with four more location shoots, bringing our total up to ~12 total locations filmed so far:

  • Dance party on the step sculptures of Broadway / Cap Hill
  • 15th ave / Cap Hill b-roll
  • Pioneer Square design festival
  • Neighborhood b-roll footage (Fremont, Ballard, Cap Hill)
  • South Lake Union b-roll

As I write this I’m working on copying and converting the 100s of gigabytes of footage, getting organized to edit for our second rough cut of the film.

We also worked on a revision to the narration script in January, tightening how the different voices fit together and getting the overall length down to under 4 minutes.

The ¬†focus now is on editing together a second rough cut of the film. Once that’s done we’ll have a clear idea of what remaining footage we’ll need and how to finish up the project.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or thoughts or want me to bribe you out of noticing this project has gone on for a long time with several beers.

Cheers, thanks for your support and trust,

-Scott & WMS Team

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