Production & schwag update: work underway

Hi folks. Apologies for taking so long since the last update on the production of the short film We Make Seattle. It’s entirely my fault so if you have been giving dirty looks to the website or any of the crew, please re-aim those looks right here at yours truly.

I’m pleased to report significant progress. Over the last month I’ve done audio interviews with three local entrepreneurs and creatives. These have gone well and I’ll continue doing them over the next few weeks. Soon we’ll post here on the blog with profiles of the people we’ve interviewed to share the stories we’re capturing and invite you to into the process.

As films go, this approach is certainly unconventional, as we’ve chosen to start with voices first. One of our goals in the vision is to avoid talking heads as a narrative crutch.  The goal then is, after the first round of interviews, to weave together an audio track for the film and let that be the spine of the experience. The audio will be the narrative that drives everything else, including choices for what footage we will choose to capture and how it will fit together.

While it is odd to work this way, the ambition is it will let the voices and stories drive the film organically. The burden will of course be on us (and primarily me) to weave together different voices and tell a coherent and compelling story about our city, but there are many ways we can craft the audio and soundtrack to achieve this.

On Schwag: the crew is meeting tonight for a schwag “party”, where we won’t go home until everything is packed up and ready to send out to all of you wonderful supporters.

Best wishes and happy holidays.

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