Schwag is in the mail

Last week the production team had a marathon schwag party at producer Adam Baggett’s Belltown abode. With beers and pizza (carefully) in hand we folded, packed, labeled and stamped every single package for each of you wonderful supporters. We put extra TLC and good vibes in each and every package.


KU0A9331 KU0A9337 KU0A9362


(Photos by DP Dan McComb)

Imagine the look on the poor post office dude’s face when Baggett showed up with several enormous piles of packages. Here’s the receipt.


Happy holidays and Happy New Year. Thanks again for your support so far and we look forward to working hard on the film in 2014.

If you can, please post on your blog, Facebook or Twitter with a photo and help spread the word for the project. Cheers.

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