Contest: Get Your Office In The Film

(If you’re new to this project – here’s the background on the film)

Weeks ago we put out a call for locations and many of you filled our inbox with suggestions. Thanks!

Many of you also said “Film us!” which was sweet and charming. Since you folks made the film possible we’ve come up with a way to make your request possible – at least for one of you.

The WE MAKE SEATTLE location contest

We’re inviting you to take your cellphone camera out and film where you work and the cool people in it. Tell us a brief story of where you work, and share on camera how fun and awesome you are.

Answer the question: Why should your workplace represent creativity in Seattle to the world? Show us.

Rules and instructions:

  • Get a camera (your phone will do)
  • Make a 60-120 second video showing us why where you work should be in the film
  • Show us how fun and creative your coworkers are
  • Show us cool interiors, funky workplace setups or unusual but inspiring places of work
  • Post the video on YouTube and send us a link
  • We’ll review all the submissions and the winner will be an (interior) location that we’ll film for use in the We Make Seattle project

There are no other restrictions: any kind of work or workplace qualifies, including home offices, building rooftops, coworking spaces or wherever you do your thing.

Submissions will be judged on two criteria: location + fun/creativity of people shown.

Deadline is Friday July 25th 5pm. Have Fun. Any questions? Leave a comment.

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