Filming Continues

As you might have noticed we’ve already completed shoots at Seattle’s Folklife Festival and Myrtle Edwards & Sculpture Park.

We’re currently working on the logistics of shooting the Fremont bridge along with the Port of Seattle. Sorting out the feasibility of these shoots, permits, and time frames for getting the shots we want.

Scott is also working on a master b-roll list (you can read about filming locations and b-roll here) for the film. This list will be very specific scenes we want to use to help tell the story of our city. They’ll be different from our 2 completed shoots in that they’ll be very short shoots that we go out and grab when we have an extra 30 minutes in our schedules. So if you see us with a camera in your neck of the woods come over and say “hi”.

Location Contest:

Thank you for all your submissions. We’re taking them all into consideration as we line-up the last few primary shoot locations. Stay tuned for the locations we select.

– Adam


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