Filming update: 520 bridge and end of summer

Bridge filming: Last week Dan and I got up at 6:30am to get some magic hour footage of the 520 bridge construction. The idea for this particular shot was to capture being on a bridge which watching a bridge grow, which is an unusual site to see in any city. And as bridges are mega-scale making efforts, it seemed a worthwhile shot to go after.

Dan set up a mounted rig on my Civic, with a display monitor viewable on the dash. It only took a few minutes to set up, and then…. I got to rack up my GoodToGo Pass charges, with 10 consecutive trips across the bridge 🙂

The light didn’t co-operate – we only only had a few good moments of light. But I’ll pick up the footage from Dan tonight and see what we have. If it’s worthwhile we may give it another go.

Summer is ending: This weekend I’ll have all of the footage from the first 4 locations we’ve filmed (Folklife, Substantial HQ, Sculpture park) and I’ll be working on a rough cut, based on the audio narration track we finished weeks ago. Most of the locations we’ve filmed so far are outdoors and that’s been on purpose. After I have a rough cut I’ll know if we need to try to get anything else before the grey takes over again.

It’s a good time to organize a happy hour for you backers. If you’d like to meet up for a beer and chat about the project, send me a message and you can help pick when it will be.

Cheers and thanks for your support.

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