Update: Rough Cut Audio Complete

Hi folks. Apologies for the long silence (I’m hanging my head in shame as I write this). Without the audio track narrative put together, not much other work could be done, and I didn’t see the point in empty, fluffy updates.

I’m posting with good news and a nice sized update. The major task at hand had been working the 6 hours of audio interviews down into a 4 minute track. That sounds like a magic trick and it is. It takes much time to reduce time, especially if the audio is going to be the spine of the film. I’ve been splicing, editing, revising, listening, reviewing, note taking and then revising again like mad.

I worked all weekend to finally get this step complete and I was successful. Yay.

I’ll be meeting with the rest of the crew to get feedback on it, and if all goes well, draft preliminary plans for a shot list, shooting schedule and any any audio pick ups we’ll need to do.

The general plan is still to film late spring and early summer, and have the final project released to the world before the summer is out.

I’ll have more frequent updates and invitations for how you can participate soon. As the pace of production will be ramping up soon.



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